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Canadian electronics maker enters Gulf with ‘Frenzy’ – Emirates 24/7 Business coverage


A Canadian electronic gadget manufacturing company is planning to launch its ‘Frenzy’ brands of smartphones, tablets, bluetooth speakers, with wireless display systems. Western Leaf Electronics, from Calgary, Alberta in Canada is in the Middle East market with 10 electronic products including a new range of smart phones and smart phones, called Frenzy, which will be available in the local stores.

“The market for electronic gadgets in the region is flooded with goods and irrelevant gadgets that have no real value for customers. In the restaurant chain model of electronic manufacturing and marketing, companies are spending huge amounts just to market their substandard products and convince the consumers that their products have a good value,” said, Mark Athaya, General Partner, Western Leaf Electronics, adding that a leading brand of smart phone sold for $600 to $ 800 per piece will be spending $200 just to market the product.

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