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Frenzy TV Hub, not just another media streaming device

A Calgary-based company has unveiled a new product in which it describes as not just another media streaming device.

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) February 28, 2015

With a variety of media streaming devices hitting the market, representatives with Western Leaf Electronics ( say their Frenzy TV Hub is unlike anything else out there.

“Frenzy TV Hub is an android powered device that has great horse power and equipped withFrenzy TV Hub front led design panel that shows most important information like time, weather conditions, road conditions and others,” said Mark Ataya, CEO of Western Leaf. “It has 4K HDMI output,

HDMI input for video capturing, wireless display ready, DLNA, quad-core processor, octa-core GPU, two GB memory and internal storage. The TV hub also comes with smooth solid performance and easy setup to get you going in no time.”

Ataya explained that the Frenzy TV Hub has a sculpture-inspired design that fits in the modern home.

“It looks like furniture, with LED panel, and is easy to operate while providing great performance,” Ataya said.

As to what makes the Frenzy TV Hub different from everything else on the market, Ataya said the company created, “A new approach to making electronics that fits into our life, not the other way around. In most cases, we have to fit into the electronics that are offered in the market, but not with the TV Hub.”

Ataya pointed out that the Frenzy TV Hub also runs using its award winning Frenzy Controller, a device that’s designed to perfectly fit in the palm of the hand and allows the user to control their Android devices using gestures (touch, long press, swipe, drag, double touch, pinch and other touch gestures) and gravity motion sensors (that allow you to control the pointer on the screen).

“It has no buttons to click, and each gesture is crafted to be as natural and instinctive as possible based on direct user input,” Ataya stressed, before adding that Frenzy Controller is the first visceral product in the market to combine both gravity and gestured based controls together for a more seamless experience.

“This controller perfectly simulates the way you use your mobile device on a larger screen,” Ataya said.