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ONXA BW7 Firmware Update

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    Please follow the steps below:

  • Download the Software and Tool Click here to download
  • Unzip BW7 Software and Tool
  • Extract

  • Open DriverAssistant –> DriverAssistant_v4.3 then right click DriverInstall and choose Run as administrator
  • Drivers1

  • Click on Install Driver
  • Drivers2

  • Now Open AndoirdTool –> AndroidTool_Release_v2.33 then right click on AndroidTool and choose Run as administrator
  • AndroidTool

  • Click on Uograde Firmware
  • AndroidTool1

  • Press on Firmware and browse to   BW7 Software and Tool –> BW7Software –> BW7-Software-Update and click Open
  • AndroidTool2

  • Make sure your tablet is Turned Off
  • On your tablet Press and Hold the Volume up button and keep holding, don’t release your finger
  • While you are holding the Volume up button connect the tablet to your PC using USB cord
  • Release your finger when you get the following message: ” Found One LOADER Device “
  • AndroidTool4

  • Now click on Upgrade
  • AndroidTool5

  • The Installation might take several minutes, so please be patient and wait until the tablet reboot by itself