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OTG USB .. How it works and why is it important?


Welcome to the Frenzy 8Z Tablet and Frenzy 5Z phone.

Lets explore OTG, OTG drive stands for On-The-Go drive, simply OTG allows you to move, copy files, and share them quickly between different devices.

While many tablets and smartphones don’t support OTG, our Frenzy 8Z tablet and Frenzy 5Z phone do.

Simply plugin the USB in, select the files you want to copy such as videos, music and
photos. Drag-and-drop them to copy them OTG.

Now, safely remove them from your PC.

Go to our Frenzy 8Z Tablet.

Plug-in the micro USB in.

Open the file manager or other software, for example, your music player or gallery, and yes they are there and we can play the files.

How about moving files from our Frenzy 8Z tablet to your OTG? No problem!

After you put your files on the OTG, you can use them in your car USB plug, TV, and anything that accepts the USB drive plugin option.

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