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Unboxing Vomo XL Over the Ear Headset


Hello everyone! Today we are unboxing Vomo XL. Vomo XL is an audiophile type headphone, it’s part of our high-end Vomo headphone series. It has superior crisp sound quality, comfortable fit, and easy to set.
Lets get started!

  • Open the box and break the security seals.
  • Left the plastic cover using blue lifting tags.
  • Check out the headphone.
  • Lets remove the protective on device plastic cover; they are mainly installed to keep your Vomo XL protected from scratches. Let put it aside.
  • Now left the black plastic base to check out the extras.
  • Check out the carrying bag; it’s been made from premium anti-static materials so it can protect your investment from scratch and shortage at the same time.
  • Check out the warranty card, make sure you have it with your original receipt should you need to service your product.
  • In this box you will find the charging Micro USB cable as well as an added AUX audio cable for direct listening connection.
  • There you go! Make sure you check out the user manual and visit our website for latest tips and trick to best enjoy your headphone.

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