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Western Leaf Electronics Introduces New Frenzy 8Z with 3G Function

An industry leader in providing user-focused products has released a new product.

Calgary, Alberta (PRWEB) January 31, 2015

Representatives with Western Leaf Electronics ( announced today the release of its new Frenzy 8Z with 3G function.

“We’re very excited about this,” said Mark Ataya, CEO of Western Leaf.

Ataya explained that the new Frenzy 8Z with 3G function features an 8.1 inch screen for a better viewing area, built-in 3G for fast speed data download and voice call capabilities.Frenzy 8Z 3G

The company spokesman went on to point out that it also empowers users with Bluetooth 4.0, which ensures clear sound connection and low power usage, along with HD playback, a dual camera with an auto focus back camera.

And perhaps the best thing about it, according to Ataya, is the fact that it’s lightweight, and equips users with a 4,000 mAh battery with 24 hours of voice talk, 22 hours of 2G, 15 hours of 3G, and guarantees a fast charge.

“Our goal is to introduce med level tablet in terms of specs at a reasonable price, yet keep top performance and quality,” Ataya stressed, before adding, “Most solutions are extremely expensive or cheap by all means.”

The company’s new Frenzy 8Z with 3G function is set to price at $189.99, in which Ataya says is great pricing compare to the offered functionality.

The new Frenzy 8Z with 3G function and Frenzy Controller will be available for purchase on Amazon and through the official Western Leaf website. Sample requests and other press queries can be sent to media(at)wleaf(dot)com.

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