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Western Leaf Electronics Signs Up with Redington

A Calgary-based company that specializes in providing user-focused products has signed up with one of the biggest names in the distribution industry.

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) December 26, 2014

Representatives with Western Leaf Electronics ( announced today that by signing up with Redington, the largest distributor in the region Middle East and Africa, its goal is to make its products available to the public while generating demand for quality products at a reasonable price.

“We have been testing the market for brand acceptance by retailers and by consumers and that made it easy for us to sign up with Redington,” said Mark Ataya, CEO of Western Leaf.

Redington provides end-to-end supply chain solutions for all categories of Information Technology products (PCs, PC building blocks, networking, software and enterprise solution products) and Consumer and Lifestyle products (Telecom, Digital Lifestyle products, Entertainment products and Digital Printing Machines) to over 100 international brands and relationship with major brands have been for years.

Saad Khan, general manager of Redington Life Style said, “Western Leaf has a needs-driven consumer approach which differentiates them from other electronics manufacturers. They have innovative and enhanced products which focuses on consumer adaptability and usability.”

He went on to point out that their products meet certain core needs of consumers and they make products that work for you, and added that they create a value proposition by using adaptive intelligence on their products.

Wleaf + Redington

“We are pleased to be their main distributor for the Gulf and we are constantly promoting and creating the brand name of Western leaf in this Region,” Khan said. “We are spending our energies through our esteemed retail partners to give a holistic experience of the products to customers by having clear product visibility/displays and well educated promoters for transfer of technology and experience. We are positive that 2015 will be a game changer for Western Leaf with their new range of innovative products.”

Ataya explained that Western Leaf Electronics, which makes consumer electronics including Tablet PC, Smartphones, Headphones, speakers and other accessories, benefit from signing up with Redington due to the fact that Redington is one of the biggest names in the distribution industry in the Middle East and Africa region.

“By knowing that Western Leaf Electronics is signed up with Redington, we get more credibility that we are valid, we have something interesting and you should check us out,” Ataya said.

As to why anyone interested in Western Leaf Electronics products and services, should give the company a try, Ataya promised that each product is innovative and original.

“We address your needs and go backwards until we find the solution,” he said, before adding, “No cookie cutter approach here. We see a gaping hole, a missing link in the electronics you use in your everyday lives and dedicate all our resources to finding an intelligent, easy to utilize solution.”

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About Western Leaf Electronics
Western Leaf Electronics, Inc. ( began with the sole mission of providing user-focused products, instead of blindly following ephemeral technology trends or competitive pricing models. Their vision is to create products that truly enhance our lives and allow us to express our unique individuality and intelligence. Through years of research and consumer feedback, they have launched their initial product-line of tablets, headphones and smart-phones. The company was established in 2003 in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and opened an office in Houston, TX (USA) in 2010, followed by a branch office in Dubai (UAE) in 2013. Additional company updates and new product information can be found on their blog at